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Localize your content to stay ahead of the competition and reach out to a worldwide audience.

Circle Translations Translation Agency

Circle Translations, founded in 2017, is one of the top translation firms in the Baltic nations.
Translation, localization, subtitling, subtitle translation, closed captioning, transcription, data collection, annotations, and speech recognition are among the services provided.

Professional Translation Agency

Audio and video material is the most effective strategy to reach target consumers in this digital era. Our expert translation services guarantee that you obtain the best high-quality translation solutions, whether for editing, subtitling, transcription, dubbing, or voiceovers.

We Translate

Professional translation services in over 120 languages.
High-quality translation services at extremely reasonable pricing for a diverse variety of customers worldwide.

We Edit

We handle everything.
We provide the whole product, including translation, editing, proofreading, and DTP. We may also supply each service individually.

We Localize

Because the information must sound genuine.
We culturally adapt your material to the target nation, location, and language.

We Create

Video and audio material are also incredibly efficient methods of reaching out to your target audience. We provide a variety of services such as voice over, dubbing, transcription, subtitling, close captioning, and editing.

We Showcase Your Brand in the Best Light Possible

Audio and video material is the most effective strategy to reach target consumers in this digital era. Our expert translation services guarantee that you obtain the best high-quality translation solutions, whether for editing, subtitling, transcription, dubbing, or voiceovers.

Our Translation Agency Methodology

At Circle Translations, we work like a well-oiled machine to ensure that you get a good translation at a reasonable price. Here's a sneak peek at our translation process:

The first step in translating our customers' information is to completely comprehend it, which is exactly what we do. Once we have a good understanding of it, our professional writers ensure that it is translated in a style that appeals to the particular audience that reads the text we translate it in. You may always contact our translators to discuss the specifics at any moment. We are one of the few professional translation services that can translate content into over 120 languages.

Once we begin working on your translation job, you will get frequent progress updates through chat and phone assistance. Although we prepare translations for posting/uploading/printing, they are always subjective.

Finally, you are free to distribute the material that we translated for you. Our Lithuanian translation firm thrives on translating material that appeals to a broad audience in order to attract consumers. Our material has been shown to improve footfall by over 30% for our customers. So don't put off getting your material translated by one of the top professional translation services any longer.

How We Operate

We let you receive expert translation within your budget in easy stages.

Know Your Texts

Before we begin your translation, we ensure that we grasp your material as well as its objective in order for the translated text to stand out and appeal to your target audience. Our specialists are just a click or phone call away to go through the specifics. Your needs are our first focus at Circle Translations.

Choose your Languages

You get to pick the languages you want the material translated into when we understand the text and the context. Circle Translations provides high-quality professional translation in up to 120 languages.

Make an order

After you've decided on your languages, you can either buy from the current price plan or request a bespoke quote based on your unique requirements. We also have deals based on languages, volume, new customer offers, and other factors!

Development Report

We begin working on your texts as soon as your purchase is finalized. Each language is allocated a specialized expert translator, and we offer you a detailed development report on the status of your project. In addition, our chat and phone support are always accessible to answer your questions and accept your helpful recommendations.

First Draft And Revisions

Natural translations are subjective. Even after we deliver a fully translated and edited ready-to-publish texts we are always open for revisions to accommodate your suggestions further. Though our experts make sure that it serves the best in the first place when it comes to translation, we make sure our clients are 100% satisfied, and our work is always best in class.

Grow With Our Translation Services

After final delivery, you’re welcome to publish our translated texts and reach out to your new target audience and potential clients in their own native language. Our client’s witness a minimum of 30% increase in their user base or market share, with our translated texts in multiple languages. It allows them to tap into new markets more convincingly.

Circle Translations is a translation agency.

We are a Lithuanian translation firm that offers high-quality translation services at very reasonable pricing. Clients from all around the globe come to us for assistance with their translation and localization requirements.

As an agency, we guarantee that the text given will be meticulously translated as soon as possible.

In reality, our translation agency provides altering of any contextual media.

We provide localization, DTP, proofreading and editing, subtitling, subtitle translation, transcription, and closed captioning services in addition to our high-quality translation. You may also use these services independently.

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Each job is unique; contact us for a personalized and accurate quotation!